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August 17 2016


Going to drop a few videos from the back session. Didn't manage to film it all in one go as it was to difficult to do it with out a gym partner, as well it ruins the tempo of the session.

The next month or so I'm dropping the big lifts, (I will explain in another post) working on proportions and mind muscle connection. A lot of one arm work, and volume is the plan.

To start today's session, and get the CNS firing, PIN ROWS are the one 🙌🏽 A variation from bent over row. Working  

August 10 2016

Back to work after a, sort of, restful few days at home - ate to much and drunk to much 😜 @

Even decided to decided to do a bit of throw back to the old days whilst I was at home, where my love in sport and fitness began. A spot of cricket, (picture saying that in a posh accent 😂) Always a bowler, never a batsman. Bit rusty I have to say haha! Felt weird to be back bowling after 4 years but it was good fun spending some time in the nets with the old man.


August 2 2016


☀️Rise & Shine people☀️

(No filter needed for this video)

Miss these drunk mornings from my holiday this year in Alicante with my brother  

'Moderation' is key to life.

Break things up once in awhile, take time to rest and unwind, go on a holiday or something like I did. Find a balance between living healthy, having killer workouts etc and a social life. Don't block that out, a social life is vital; to your mentality, your happiness and your well being.

Surround yourself with like  

August 1 2016
Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

Just a meme to round off Monday.

Hope everyone had a great Monday! 🙂

My Monday consisted of a little business meeting this morning, got a announcement coming your way soon.

As well being a master chef, prepping food for the next few days. (Might share a little photo to you all off what I will be tucking into 👀)

Then smashing my power circuit 😷 Bring on deadlifts tomorrow 💪🏼

What did everyone get up to today?


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